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Looking for a bargain? Need to sell something? Here’s your chance! Nine local chambers of Commerce have gotten together to sponsor a one hundred mile long yard sale. That’s right, ONE HUNDRED MILES of opportunity to sell your wares or find that perfect bargain that you’ve been hunting for!

Your shopping route will begin at Ash Grove, Missouri. Then you will travel down Highway 160 to Everton and Greenfield, then south on Highway 39 to Miller and Mount Vernon. From there, you will travel along Hwy H on the outer road to Hwy 97 and then Pierce City, Monett and Aurora. From Aurora, you will travel on Highway 265 to Marionville, Crane, Galena and Reeds Spring to Highway 13 and ending in Branson West.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce in any of the listed towns for details, further information, and to pick up a flyer to mark your sale.

Missouri Department of Transportation has given permission to set up your booth along the prescribed route (listed above) for one day only.

Before setting up, be sure to ask permission of any business or landowners where you want to set up. Be mindful to pick a spot with ample parking so as not to cause any traffic problems. Be extremely conscious of traffic and pedestrian safety. Be aware, we cannot attach our sale signs to any traffic signs or privately owned signs. Pick up your trash and remove your signage when finished.

Remember, it is very important to be located on the Route. A log of bargain hunters don’t want to take time to follow signs off the route!

This can be a great fundraiser for schools, churches and other organizations.

So get out there and enjoy yourself, make money, spend money, see the crafts and talent of Southwest Missouri. Guaranteed, you will find more than a bargain.. or two! We’ll see you along the route of the 100 MILE YARD SALE!

For more information, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or City Hall or the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce at 417-466-7654.